Valentine's craft idea: rose gift set
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Valentine’s Craft Idea: Rose Gift Set (Soap & Candles)

Knock, knock! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Excited and want to take your loved one on cloud nine this 14th Feb?

How about avoiding those mainstream pre-made gift sets and surprising him/her with a handmade rose gift set?

Well, this idea is going to be a big hit. In fact, making anything with your hands for that special one in your life is a sign of love, devotion, and care.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve brought a fantastic idea of a DIY rose gift set containing heavenly scented soap and a candle made with essential oils from Malaysia.

In order to make this lovely gift set, you can always count on soap making supplies in Malaysia due to their good quality supplies.

Note: In case you haven’t done soap making before, don’t worry as the melt and pour soap has made it a breeze. Just buy one, and you are good to go. Since you are going to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day, so purchase rose-shaped silicone soap moulds to shape the soap accordingly.

Now, we’re going to reveal the recipe for making melt and pour soap as well as a candle with beeswax. So, keep on reading.


Here’s How To Make The Soap:

Soap Ingredients:

1 pound – Glycerin and shea butter melt-and-pour soap base
5 – 10 g – Dried rose petals and buds
8-9 drops – Essential oils of your choice


Other materials:

Silicone soap moulds
Melt and pour soap
Glittery paper and ribbon
Rubbing alcohol preferably in a spray bottle
2-cup Pyrex measuring cup



1. To start the first component of the rose set, chop the soap in the shape and size of ice cubes. Put half of the pieces in your Pyrex measuring cup and place the remaining aside.
2. In 30-second intervals, melt the soap in the microwave by stirring continuously.
3. Then melt in intervals of 15 seconds when you see just a few chunks remaining. Melt it completely.
4. It’s time to mix in 8-9 drops of essential oils and stir gently.
5. With the melted soap, fill one cavity.
6. The next step is spritzing with the rubbing alcohol lightly if you see any bubbles across the top. Then place a few rose petals and buds on top quickly. Repeat the process.
7. As above, melt the rest of the soap. Allow it to set for around an hour prior to removing from the moulds.
8. Thanks to the soap making supplies and their silicone soap moulds available in Malaysia for making our lives easier and Valentine’s Day even more special. Here’s where you can get your supplies from Craftiviti.

Valentine's craft idea : soap


Here’s How To Make Beeswax Candle:


8-9 drops – Essential Oils in Malaysia (of your choice)
½ cup – Coconut oil
1 pound – Beeswax


Other materials:

Masking tape
Small saucepan
Cotton wicks
Two glass jars each of about 12-ounce
28-ounce Tin can



1. Firstly, take one large can and put beeswax in it.
2. With 2 inches of water, fill the saucepan and keep the box in the middle of it.
3. Now, turn the burner on keeping the heat medium-low. Pay attention to your beeswax as it melts.
4. In the meantime, set your wicks up. Take a piece of masking tape, punch a small hole in its middle using a sharp knife. It’s time to sliding your wick through the hole, centred the masking tape above the top of one of the glass jars. Then secure it to both ends.
5. After the melting of beeswax, turn the burner off and put coconut oil in it.
6. Then, mix in around 20 drops of each your favourite essential oils stirring continuously with a plastic spoon.
7. It’s time to pour the wax into both the jars.
8. Allow the candles to cool for around 5 or 6 hours prior to trimming the wicks.

Valentine's craft idea candle


Wrapping It Up:

After leaving it to harden overnight, leave both the rose-shaped soap and candle, wrap both the items together.

You can use glitter paper and ribbon for pretty wrapping. You can also place both the items in a heart-shaped wooden basket. This would be a beautiful finishing touch indeed.

Now, you are all set to make your loved one tickled pink with this adorable gift set. Don’t forget sharing pictures of the rose gift set with us!

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