Soap Making For Beginners

Beginner-Friendly Melt & Pour Soap Set

Fuss-free beginning to your soap making journey!

  • Easy to follow digital recipe card.
  • Video tutorial is included.
  • All ingredients are provided.
  • Can be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Opaque Glycerin Soap Base is a beautiful white soap base with high glycerin content to help attract moisture from the surroundings to your skin, leaving it moisturized as you shower.
  • Craftiviti’s Fragrance Oils are all made with a blend of synthetic fragrances with carrier oils and binders. They have long-lasting scents and will make sure your soaps remain smelling delicious as time passes.

Kuih Buih Soap Set

Melt & Pour Soap Base

For melt and pour soap, you can add 0.5% -1% of fragrance oil to your soap.

Soap Dye

For melt and pour soap, about 0.5 fl. oz. to color approximately 1.8kg of Melt & Pour soap.


Our molds are made from high-quality silicone rubber. Very flexible and easy to demold.

Other Tools

Measuring tools and protection you will need when creating your own soap.


Ideas for Your Next Creation!