Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber

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1kg Silicone Rubber, 50ml Catalyst

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Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber is an easy and fast way to make flexible and sustainable molds.

RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanising which means the silicone will cure at room temperature, it doesn’t require any additional heat to cure.

Silicone rubber will cure to a soft, strong and flexible rubber that is tear resistant and good for many uses.

These molds is suitable for casting liquid plastic, epoxy resins, concrete, soaps, candles and others.

Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber comes with a 50ml Hardener (Catalyst)

Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber Material Safety Data Sheet
Mold Maker RTV Silicone Curing Agent Material Safety Data Sheet


Base Viscosity = 24000 cP
Density = 1.18 g/cc
Strength Resistance = 3/Nmm2
Hardness after 72h = 21± 2 shA
Tear Resistance = 17/Nmm
Elongation at break = 400%
Pot life = 20 minutes
Fully cure time = 12 hours
Cured mold color = White


  • Give the liquid silicone rubber a good stir before measuring.
  • Pour it into a mixing container. Note the weight of the silicone alone while using the scale.
  • Give the hardener a good shake before measuring.
  • Measure 3-4% of the hardener to the total weight of the silicone. Example 100g of silicone to 3-4g of hardener. The hardener is orange and will turn the silicone rubber to white in color.
  • Mix the hardener with silicone. Stir slowly and carefully to avoid bubbles.
  • Once mixture is of a unified light white color, pour slowly over the master object.
  • *Optional to spray master object with silicone mold release agent beforehand

*Please note that the stiring and measurements of this silicone rubber must be precise. Read product warranty below*


  • 3% of hardener provides a more fluid mix with a longer worktime.
  • 4% hardens faster with a shorter work time.
  • When using any clay or release agents, please ensure the items contain NO SULFUR as sulfur will inhibit the curing the silicone rubber.

For 2 part silicone-to-silicone molds, you will need to apply a generous layer of mold release agent, otherwise the mold will not separate.

Cured Silicone Rubber can withstand casting heat up to 100 °C.

More craft materials available online and at our craft shop at Craftiviti Sdn. Bhd. (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia).



There is no warranty with this product and it is up to the end user to determine the suitability and the end result. Please read the instructions above clearly before starting. When making a 2-part mold always use a generous amount of non-sulphur mold release agent as silicone will fuse to silicone. Always conduct a small scale test before attempting on a larger scale.


Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber merupakan cara yang senang dan cepat bagi menghasilkan acuan yang fleksibel dan tahan lama. RTV membawa maksud Room Temperature Vulcanising yang bermaksud silicon akan terawet pada suhu bilik, ianya tidak memerlukan sebarang pemanasan tambahan.

Getah silikon akan menjadi getah yang lembut, kuat dan fleksibel di mana ianya tidak mampu dikoyak dan sesuai untuk pelbagai kegunaan.

Acuan ini sesuai diguna untuk penuangan cecair plastik, resin epoksi, konkrit, sabun, lilin dan lain-lain.

Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber ini lengkap dengan Hardener (Catalyst) 50ml.


  • Cecair getah silikon itu harus dikacau dengan baik sebelum disukat.
  • Tuangkan ke dalam bekas pemutar. Catat berat silikon ketika menggunakan skala.
  • Goncang pengeras (green hardener) sebelum menyukat.
  • Suka pengeras dalam 3-4% jumlah berat silikon. Contohnya, 100g silikon dengan nisbah 3-4g pengeras. Pengeras tersebut berwarna oren dan akan menghasilkan getah silikon yang berwarna putih.
  • Campurkan pengeras dan silikon. Kacau dengan perlahan bagi mengelakkan buih.
  • Setelah campuran itu berwarna putih cair dengan rata, tuangkan ke atas objek.
  • *Semburan agen pelepas acuan silikon terhadap objek master terlebih dahulu adalah pilihan.

*Pastikan bahawa gaulan dan sukatan getah silikon dilakukan dengan teliti. Baca waranti produk dibawah*


  • 3% pengeras menghasilkan campuran cecair banyak yang memerlukan lebih masa.
  • 4% mengeras dengan cepat yang mempercepatkan masa bekerja.
  • Ketika menggunakan sebarang tanah liat atau agen pelepas, sila pastikan item tidak mengandungi SULFUR kerana sulfur mengundang kepada pengawetan getak silikon.

Bagi 2 bahagian silikon kepada acuan silikon, anda perlu menyembur agen pelepas acuan yang banyak agar acuan itu terurai. Silikon getah yang diawet boleh mencecah takat didih 100°C.

Pelbagai barangan kraf boleh didapati menerusi talian dan kedai kami di Craftiviti Sdn. Bhd. (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia).


Produk ini tidak mempunyai sebarang waranti dan ianya tertakluk kepada pengguna untuk menentukan kesesuian dan hasil akhir. Sila baca arahan diatas dengan jelas sebelum bermula. Apabila membuat 2 bahagian acuan, agen pelepas acuan yang bebas sulfur harus digunakan dengan banyak kerana jika tidak, silikon tidak akan terurai. Sentiasa uji dengan skala kecil sebelum memulakan dengan skala yang lebih besar. 


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Muhammad noraffandi bin shamsudin


    1. Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber – 10kg
    2. Hardener
    3. Ease Release Agent / 1

    Quotqtion Price RM


    • Craftiviti

      Hi Encik Shamsudin, we have already sent you an email quotation. Thank you.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Muhammad Hanif Ramlee

    Easy to use. Thanks Craftiviti.

    • Craftiviti

      Welcome Hanif! Have a great day! And Happy Crafting!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason yong (verified owner)

    Not so newbie friendly because hardener does not have colour, quite difficult to see whether it is properly mix or not. Overall im quite satisfied with the product.

    • Craftiviti

      Hi Jason, we too wish the hardener has some pigment to indicate the mixing completion. However the pigment kept caking up. Thank you for your feedback and we are happy the RTV works for you. Happy Crafting!

  4. Rated 4 out of 5



    1)What is the amount should I use to mold a bottle sized around a normal ‘beer’ bottle? 1kg sufficient?
    2) To mold a glass bottle, do i need a release agent? Does the silicone will stick to the bottle like a normal caulk gun silicone did?

    • Craftiviti

      Hi Azrul, thanks for writing.
      1) 1kg should be sufficient for a standard beer bottle however, do take into account wastage using the mixing process. Keep your mold cavity small to save on more RTV usage.
      2) Best to use with a mold release agent. Makes removal a lot easier.
      Hope this helps.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kat Azman


    Does this one has food grade certification? If not, do you sell the one with food grade?

    Advance tq.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    Faizal Azmi


    What is the shore hardness scale, pot life, cure time?
    What color is this silicone after cured, and do you have additional color pigment for this product?

    If using it without agent release, will it bond to the subject? Because that’s what I’ looking for.

    Thank you

    • Simon Foo

      Hi Faizal, here are the information for the Mold Maker RTV Silicone Rubber:

      Hardness after 72h = 21± 2 shA
      Fully cure time = 12 hours
      Cured mold color = White

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    afaidaud (verified owner)

    Hi, it say 3-4% hardener, can you give me the formula to calculate. My math is bad

    • Simon Foo

      Hi there, the 3% – 4% is depending on the total Mold Maker Silicone Rubber used. For example, if you are using 1kg(1000g) and 3%, the calculation would be 1000(g) x 3% = 30ml.

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