Alumilite Microballoons


Contents : 32 oz. by volume

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Alumilite Microballons is tiny glass spheres used to thicken or extend the volume of Alumilite casting plastic. It can be use to make your part lighter, buoyant or as fillers for resin casting.

Can be mixed up to 100% by volume max.

General formula for adding Microballoons to Alumilite resins:

  • 0-20% microballoons (by volume) will sink
  • 25-30% microballoons makes it neutrally bouyant – suspend
  • 50%-100% microballoons makes it float

Disclaimer : Design and inner through wires, size and weight of hooks, eyes, and anything else will vary the weight and affect the bouyancy of the lure.

Alumilite Microballoons Material Safety Data Sheet

Instructions :

  • Mix  1/2 total amount of microballoons into “A” side and 1/2 total amount of microballoons into “B” side.
  • Stir each side well.
  • Mix “A” and “B” sides together and stir well.
  • Pour into mold.


Please watch the video above for a quick demo. 

For more tutorial visit Alumilite Mold Making and Casting Tutorial

For complete instructions visit

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Additional information

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