essential oils to improve mental health
Essential Oils

Essential Oils That Improve Mental Health

As CMCO stretches on for all of us, there is a lot of focus being put on maintaining physical health and proper well-being. If you are feeling down and trying to stay positive, you’ll find a lot of comfort in essential oil.

Available wherever you can find soap making supplies or craft shops in Malaysia, you’ll be able to enjoy the healing benefits of fragrance oil for your mental health right from the comfort of your own home.


What’s the connection between essential oils and mental health?

It’s thought that essential oils, when used through diffusers or soaps (amongst other methods) send messages to your nervous system that will help kick it up into a higher gear. Similar to a sugar rush (though it isn’t temporary), it will help you have more energy and you’ll feel more prepared.

There are certain essential oils that are thought to work better than others and these vary from person to person. If you’re ready to try them out, just pay special attention to the mixing instructions to make sure that you get the diffusion just right. As you’ll learn from professionals like Craftiviti, it’s important to mix everything at the right strengths.


The best oils for mental health support

Here are some of the best options for essential oil in Malaysia that will help improve your mental health if you’ve been feeling isolated or anxious. If you need a boost, consider ordering and working with these oils to see what they do with your mind and spirits.



While this may make you feel a little bit drowsy, valerian is well-loved for this ability to soothe anxiety and reduce stress levels. Offering a gentle floral scent, this is great to use in an aromatherapy diffuser, especially in the bedroom.



One of the most popular options for a fragrance oil in Malaysia, this is great for use in soaps or it can be mixed in with unscented bubble bath. This will help calm anxiety and reign in depression by regulating emotional output and putting you back in control of your emotions.


Holy basil

Best enjoyed in a diffuser, this is a wonderful oil to help soothe anxiety as well as mental stress. For those who are in isolation and worried and stressed about a lot of things, this can help quiet the mind for a short period of time.



This invigorating scent is great for use in soaps or just through carefully monitored inhalation twice a day. It will help boost your mood and fill you with energy, similar to the other citrus scents.



Added to soap or into a diffuser can help reduce anxiety on a daily basis. A soft scent that is a lot more comfortable for those who enjoy the floral scents rather than the brighter ones, this is going to help pique those anxiety-rich thoughts and help you enjoy some emotional stability. It is a popular fragrance oil in Malaysia for just this reason, particularly in today’s times.


Lemon balm

While perhaps not as popular, lemon balm can be a wonderful aid in finding deep, far-reaching relaxation. When added to a bath or a soap, it’ll be its most effective for stress reduction that is long-lasting.


While CMCO may still be ongoing, putting essential oil to use is going to help you fight back and keep control over your thoughts, mood and emotions as much as possible so that you are as happy and healthy as possible during these difficult times. For more information about essential oils or other craft materials, feel free to get in touch with us.

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