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Candle Making

How to Make Glow in the Dark Candles

Candles can be a great lighting source for the home and even restaurants. They can be used to set the atmosphere for a romantic dinner, a birthday party for a few friends, Halloween, or for any occasion at all.

But when the candles are made to glow in the dark, they can add extra beauty and ambiance to the event.

Glow in the dark candles is easy and fun to make if you are a DIY kind of person. Also, they don’t cost so much to make. You could choose to make glow in the dark candles from the typical paraffin wax, beeswax in Malaysia, or the less-common gel-based material.

However, the gel-based variety is the best to make if you want the candles to glow brightly in the dark. The reason for this is because the paraffin wax used for making wax candles doesn’t mix well with the glow in the dark powder.

Before we talk about the steps to follow, let us look at the materials needed to get it done.



  • Gel candle kit – This includes candle gel, silicone soap molds, candle thermometer, and wicks
  • Pots or pans for melting
  • Glow in the Dark powder


Here are the steps to follow:


tablecloth to prevent mess


Step 1

Set a work table, and lay an old table cloth in case of spills

Just like any other Malaysia craft, you need a workspace to get the job done.

And, just like cooking, gel candle making is all about timing, right ingredients, and patience. The tablecloth will help to prevent any mess.



double boiler on stove

Step 2

Break the candle gel into tiny pieces and place in a melting pan or pot

You can find excellent candle gels in art supply shops in KL, Malaysia. It is advisable to use a double boiler system.

It means that you can bring water to boil in a large pan; after that, you can take a pot with the gel in it and place it in the almost boiling water.

Using a double boiler system ensures that the gel doesn’t catch fire from being too hot.



Silicon soap molds

Step 3

Introduce the Wick into the Mold

The next step is to dip the tab end of the wick into the hot gel.

Allow it to stand for a minute and cool; then, place it on the bottom of the silicon soap molds so that it sticks to the base of the mold and doesn’t move around.

Make sure it’s at the center of the silicon soap mold. Remember that unlike wax candles, gel candles are see-through so if the wick is off-centre or not straight, it will be quite obvious.

We suggest using silicon soap molds here because it produces more adorable, individual gel candles but you can use glass containers too if you prefer.



Craftiviti glow in the dark powder

Step 4

Pour glow-in-the-dark powder in the pot with the gel

An ounce of the powder will make the gel glow very brightly. At this point, you can add other materials like gel coloring and fragrance.

If you must use fragrance oil, ensure that it is made for gel candles, and it shouldn’t be excessive. There are good fragrance oils in Malaysia.

Use a heat resistant spatula to stir the mixture into the gel to circulate the glow powder into the gel.



glow in the dark candles

Step 5

Pour the gel into the glass container with the wick

Be careful when you do this because this mixture will be so hot.

Do not let the kids do this. After pouring the gel into silicon soap molds, allow it to cool, and you have a glow in the dark candle!





Takeaways and Tips

Make sure that the gel doesn’t get hotter than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the candle thermometer to measure.



Get a Presto Pot to melt your gel, safely. They aren’t very expensive, and you can reuse them to make more candles or air fresheners.

Smoke coming from the gel indicates overheating. Don’t leave children alone with the hot gel.

Eager to make your own glow in the dark candles but not sure where to get all the materials? Don’t worry! Find glow in the dark powder, gel candle wax, silicon soap molds and other  products listed here at our Craftivity website.


Happy DIY!



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