Crafti Express – Malaysia’s First DIY Personal Care and Therapeutic Crafts Bar

Hi Crafters,

Welcome to Crafti Express!

This is a bar within our retail store at 10 Boulevard, Petaling Jaya where you can create your own personal care products (ie: soaps, lotions) and therapeutic crafts (ie: candles, shrink plastic keychains) based on the recipes offered on the menu.

It’s a place where friends and like-minded people can come express, create and experience something new. Our Crafti Express bar offers the opportunity to learn how to DIY your own personal care products or to test out raw materials you’re considering to purchase.

Your experience at our bar will be guided (fear not, DIY-beginners!), and best of all, you can just make and go (fuss-free and no worries about cleaning up!) 😉 The products you make at the Crafti Express bar can also be used immediately upon making. So, come by some time and pull up a seat!

Prepping Ingredients & Materials
Crafting Menu
Decorating The Bar
Cleaning Tools & Equipment
Designing Posters

Crafti Express is located within Craftiviti's retail store