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Craft Glitter vs Cosmetic Glitter

You’ll find two types of glitters in the market and in our store.

Craft Glitter
Cosmetic Glitter

You may be wondering what’s the difference because they are packed and priced very differently.

So here’s why they are vastly different.

Craft glitter is a cheaper glitter that is widely available in any bookstore or craft shop. If you need to do a big project, fill a big space, have a limited budget, then craft glitter is the best way to go.

This glitter is great for party decorations, theater sets, floral deco, decorating ornaments and any school art project.

However, craft glitter cannot be used directly on the skin. This is a big No No. Mainly because the glitter is cut in a way that may hurt the skin and if too close, it may even get into the eyes. Craft glitter is also made with dye for the color will leach onto your skin.This means it can leave residue of dye all over your skin and face.

Meanwhile, cosmetic glitter are precision cut iridescent film particles made of special plastic (usually polyester) that is non-toxic and is usually much more expensive.

These skinsafe glitters are considered to be Cosmetic Grade. What does this mean? It means that the FDA has certified that the pigments/ingredients used in this glitter are safe for skin, lips & eyelids.

Cosmetic Grade polyester glitter is made lightweight for easy application to the body. This lightweight quality is wonderful for cosmetics but, it is not suited for art and industrial applications (where you want your glitter to really hold up).

Cosmetic glitters are fine in solvents and they are made from pigments not dyes, which does not leach onto the skin.

Cosmetic glitter is also much finer than craft glitter (flake size 0.008), and the individual particles are usually rounded rather than hexagonal so it won’t cut into your skin especially if it gets into your eyes.

Cosmetic glitters can be used for making soaps, make-up, nail polishes, lotions, hair gel and more.

All in all, depending on the type of craft you are into, always choose the right glitter. If you are formulating soaps or cosmetics, it is never safe to use the cheaper grades of glitter for obvious safety reasons.

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