kids craft for chinese new year : red packet
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Five Craft Ideas for Kids this Chinese New Year!

The Chinese New Year festival (also known as the Spring Festival) is here again! Besides China, this festival is also celebrated in Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius, Thailand, Cambodia, and other nations.

Kids also have a unique way of making this season lively and enjoyable. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, kids of all ages can join in the fun by making different Chinese or Malaysian crafts.

Below are five craft ideas for kids this Chinese New Year.

1. Chinese Red Envelope Craft

kids craft for chinese new year : red packet

Items needed

– Red craft paper

– Glue

– Gold glitter pen or paint

– Pencil


How to do the Chinese red envelope craft

  • Keep the red craft paper on the table with the red-colored side facing the floor and mark the approximate center of the paper with a pencil.
  • Fold all the four corners of the red paper inwards until the marked center and glue the tops of the three corners on each other, leaving one flap open.
  • You have a red envelope enclosed on three sides and one flap open to put a letter inside it.
  • Now, draw a Chinese letter, character, or design on the straight top side of the red envelope and color it by using a gold glitter pen.

You can buy all the needed items at an art supply store in KL, Malaysia, such as Craftiviti.


2. Chinese Knot Craft

kids Knot craft for chinese new year


Items Needed

– A red tassel with red threads hanging

– A Chinese coin with arrangement for hooks at two opposites to tie the tassel

– One weaved red fabric square piece

– Red thread


How to make a Chinese knot craft

  • Place the Chinese coin in such a manner that its two hook arrangements are in the north-south directions.
  • Tie the red tassel at the bottom of the circular metal coin by tying a knot.
  • Tie the square-shaped weaved piece of red fabric at the top of the coin with its ends in the north-south directions.
  • Use a red thread and tie the knotted arrangement of the red fabric, coins, and tassel to it so that you can hang it as a showpiece.


3. Glycerin soap craft (Adult supervision is advised)

Glycerin soap craft for chinese new year

Items Needed

– A bar of solid glycerin

– A glass or Pyrex bowl or measuring cup

– Silicone soap molds

– Essential oils or fragrance oil

– Glitter and beads to decorate

– Craft stick for mixing


How to make glycerin soap

  • Place half of the glycerin into a Pyrex measuring cup and put it into the microwave. Heat until the glycerin has turned to liquid.
  • Pour your liquid glycerin into your silicone soap molds. You can use different shapes of molds. The adult can do this part.
  • You can add glitter and beads at this point. But, do it quickly before the glycerin begins to cool.
  • Use the craft stick to mix the glitter and beads into the glycerin.
  • Wait for about one hour for the glycerin to harden.

You will find all the glycerin soap making supplies on our website.


4. Chinese Jade Ruyi Mascot Craft

jade ruyi craft

Items Needed

– Green clay

– Gold glitter pen


How to make the Jade Ruyi Mascot craft

  • Chinese Jade Ruyi mascot is famous for bringing luck, and it comprises two parts of the head, similar to the shape of heart, cloud, or lingzhi, and a long handle, in S shape.
  • Guide your child to shape the green clay and develop the cloud-shaped head of the mascot and the long S-shaped handle of it.
  • Create the end of the handle in a small cloud shape.
  • Use the gold glitter pen and decorate the mascot. Create beautiful gold-colored designs on the head, long handle, and the end of the handle artistically.


5. Chinese Bamboo Placemat Craft

Chinese Bamboo Placemat Craft for chinese new year

Items Needed

– Lots of flat bamboo sticks

– A rectangular black cloth

– Long black fabric to frame

– Adhesive glue


How to do the Chinese Bamboo Placemat Craft

  • Spread glue on one side of the black cloth and one side of the long flat bamboo sticks.
  • Arrange the sticks vertically parallel to one another on the rectangular cloth with the glue side at the bottom. The sticks should cover the entire top of the fabric.
  • Turn over the cloth and repeat the same steps at the other end so that the flat bamboos make both sides of the mat.
  • Now, cut the long black fabric in four long pieces and paste them on the sides of the bamboo mat framing it.


So here you go, the Five Craft Ideas for Kids this Chinese New Year! For more information, visit us on our website.

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