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Candle Making – Soy Wax VS Palm Wax

Wax is an essential component in the making of candles. Thus, there’s a variety of waxes one can choose from. Among them are soy wax and palm wax—both of which are different, though they share some similarities as well.

In this post, we will be highlighting the differences and similarities between these two waxes:


Palm Wax…

1. Derives from palm berries.

2. It’s a type of hard wax, which makes it perfect for pillar, votive and layered candles.

3. Produces a crystalline/feathered/iced effect in candles.

4. Has a very high melting point.

5. Absorbs a greater level of fragrance.

6. Can be blended with soy wax to make it harder while still retaining the natural qualities of the wax.


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Soy Wax…

1. Is made from soybean oil.

2. Does not produce soot and leaves no black ring around its container.

3. Has a lower melting point compared to palm wax.

4. Provides excellent scent throw and minimal frosting.

5. Produces smooth and creamy candles.

6. Can also be used to make balms, butters, etc..


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Both palm wax and soy wax are natural materials. They’re both ideal for candle making as well. It’s only a matter of personal preference to which you’d prefer when making candles.



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