Boost immunity with essential oil
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Boost Immunity With These Essential Oils

If you’re shopping for essential oil in Malaysia, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice. However can you possibly know which fragrance oil is going to be the best one for our immune system?

They all seem great and it can be frustrating to sort through the list and figure out which ones are going to be the one that suits you as an individual. Here are some great essential oil options to boost your immunity naturally and are great as soap ingredients.


What’s so special about essential oils?

Essential oils are seen to be very helpful and supportive of your immune system. They have antimicrobial properties that will help fight off viruses, bacteria and other environment-borne particles.

This makes you stronger and healthier overall. Before you can jump into the benefits of the oils, you are going to want to take the time to figure out what it actually is you’re looking for..


1. Lemon

This powerful oil is a stimulant to your immune system. It will help treat influenzas and even benefit your liver as far as its long-term health and preservation. In addition, the fresh and crisp scent is also supportive of lessening nausea. It’s thought to boost your mood as well, which is also helpful.


2. Eucalyptus

This is often the preferred essential oil in Malaysia for dealing with respiratory illnesses. It’s also helpful for fighting off the causes of influenzas, measles and even the chickenpox. This will stimulate the immune system into high gear and can help clear congestion simply by inhaling it. A true must-have!


3. Tea Tree

Well-loved due to its antiseptic properties, tea tree oil is effective in preventing viral infections and even destroying salmonella strains. It will jumpstart the immune system and it is safe to be used in a variety of purposes, unlike some of the more concentrated ones.


4. Lavender

While it smells great and is popular in soap ingredients, lavender is also really great for the immune system. It can help your body dip into a deep, restful sleep just by inhaling it and that restful sleep is one of the most important details to focus on when it comes to a strong immune system.

Another weakening factor of the immune system is stress and lavender is a relaxing scent that can help lower stress hormones. Lastly, lavender has antioxidant properties and helps cells resist free radicals.


5. Peppermint

There are a lot of things that peppermint can do for the immune system. Firstly, it will help cure digestive issues and headaches. It can also destroy ringworm and has antifungal properties as well.

It can help protect you from colds, fevers, flu and even perk you up during a fatigue spell. Peppermint is a powerful oil, so it should be used sparingly in soap or as a household cleaner.



Your immune system needs all the help it can get. All of these productive essential oils will help you defend yourself against viruses and bacteria that are floating around in the air these days.

If you are looking to make a soap that you can rely on to help get you through these trying times, choose from these powerful essential oils and harness them to give you that boost you need and deserve.

For more information about essential oils and their properties, feel free to take a look at our product range.

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